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Yoga for Fertility

A Yin to the frantic Yang of our 21st-century lives

The majority of couples going through infertility treatment report some degree of stress. Both infertility itself and the treatment required to overcome it can be incredibly stressful! In general, our everyday lives don’t exactly make things stress-free, as we’ve seen mindfulness, meditation and minimal living on the rise as a direct response to our overloaded culture. Stress reduction then is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to fertility health. While stress does not cause infertility, infertility absolutely causes stress! Yoga, however, is an excellent practice for balancing all the systems of the body and preparing it for the challenging but beautiful transformation of pregnancy.

Yin yoga, based on the principles of Yin and Yang – where Yin is more calming and passive, and Yang is more active, excited, and upward-moving – is a wonderful practice for Fertility. Yin helps to quiet the active mind and encourage Prana (life force) to consistently flow through the 6 main meridians in the legs, which are connected to the health of the major organs (spleen/pancreas, liver, kidney, urinary bladder, stomach, and gall bladder). A body with balanced Prana (or chi) along with healthy organs is more likely to become pregnant and sustain a healthy pregnancy. In Yin yoga, poses are held for longer periods (up to 5 minutes) to access the deeper connective tissues. There is also a stronger emphasis on practicing functionally, adapting a pose to suit your body’s individual bone structure, tissues and proportions, until you are stimulating the target area.

Another fertility benefit from a Yin practice is the emphasis on forward bending. The pressure to the lower belly stimulates Prana flow there too. This lower abdomen region is the location of the major energy center (or chakra) called Svadhisthana, which controls the reproductive organs. The more energy that is drawn to this chakra, through pressure and stretching – as well as focusing the mind there – the greater the benefit both before and during pregnancy. The Svadhisthana Chakra is responsible for sexual reproduction, cellular division, and the formation of the human body at the physical level. NOTE: After the 1st Trimester, pregnant women should not take fold forwards to deeply.

The following Yoga for Fertility flow opens up the lungs, hips, back, brings blood flow to the pelvic floor region, and is also deeply soothing and relaxing.

Mermaid pose

Mermaid – Sit on your shins, with your knees and heels joined. Roll hips (off heels) to the left and stretch your right arm over your ear. Stretch into your side bodies.

Hold for 5-8 breaths.

Repeat on the other side.

Cow/Cat – Go through 5-8 cycles linking breath and movement

Inhale Cow

Exhale Cat

Child’s Pose – Recline back to your heels, parting your knees as wide as comfortable. If you are feeling any uncomfortable sensations in the low back, bring your knees in slightly. Feel free to use props to support the chest or forehead in this pose.

Hold for 8-10 breaths.

Butterfly – From a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together into a diamond shape and then slide them together but out in front of you. Allow your back to round, fold forward, lightly rest your hands on your feet or on the floor. Your head should hang down toward your heels.

Tilt your pelvis forward (sit on the edge of a pillow or blanket to help angle). Support knees, if you have too much tension in the Adductors or too much compression in your Hips and cannot relax.

Hold for 3-5 minutes (or more).

Targets Urinary Bladder channel, relating to the water element and the Liver channel, relating to the wood element.

To release, lift the chest up, release your legs on the mat and lay back in Savasana/Pentacle.

Half Butterfly – Bend your left knee and slide your left heel toward your pelvis, keep your right leg straight (right knee and ankle should be soft and relaxed). Inhale to find length in your spine, and then walk your hands out in front of you and fold forward, stopping when you feel a stretch. Allow your spine to round. You can keep your head lifted or allow it to drop.

Rather than straining to get to the full expression of this pose, use a bolster or blocks to help you find your edge. In order to avoid hyperextending your legs, maintain a soft bend in your knees.       

Hold 3-5mins. (each side)

Targets the Liver meridian related to the wood element and the Urinary Bladder pathway with the legs at a narrower angle.

To release, lengthen your spine as you walk your hands toward your body to return upright.

Caterpillar – Fold forward allowing gravity to do all the work (no need to grip feet, surrendering is YIN).

If suffering from an injury or tight Back/Hamstring, use the wall to reduce stress – lay on the floor with your hips very close to the wall and legs together supported by the wall. Another alternative is to roll a blanket under your knees, and/or to sit on a pillow – creating a slope, which will change the pelvic tilt and reduce the stress on the legs.

Hold for 3mins.

Replenishes energy, targets the Urinary Bladder Channel relating to the Water Element.

To release, gently move your hands back and come to a seated position with your spine up, then lay back in Savasana/Pentacle.

Melting Heart – Start on your hands and knees, leave your hips over your knees as you walk your hands out front. Lower your forehead to the mat, then soften your heart to the mat. Relax the area between your shoulder blades. Draw your low belly in.

Hold for 3 mins.

To release, move back into Child’s pose.

Sphinx / Seal – Ease your way down on to your belly. Ground your forearms, place your elbows under shoulders. Spread out your fingers and press in to your palms. Pull your heart forward, drag your forearms back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Soften your belly to the mat.

Hold Sphinx for 3-5mins.

Targets mainly the Urinary Bladder channel relating to the Water element.

From the belly, extend your arms out in front. Lift your elbows off the mat.

Hold Seal for 1min.

Targets the Urinary Bladder- Kidney pathways related to the water element and Stomach-Spleen related to the earth element.

To release, slowly slide your elbows to the side and rest in a prone position.

Saddle – Come to kneeling, keeping your knees in line with your hipbones, open your feet out to the sides, give your hips space to shift down to the mat. Your heels will be face up and hug in to the sides of your hips. From here, your upper body reclines on to the floor (or into props).

This is one of the most challenging pose in the Yin repertoire! Make adjustments, so that there is no stress on the knees, roll a blanket and place it behind the knee before going back.
In case of tightness in the quads, use a bolster to support the upper body before going down.
In case of strong compression in the lumbar spine, rest the upper body on a bolster.
Ankle discomfort can be relieved by placing a rolled blanket at the front of the ankle, so you can rest the joint on it.

Hold for 3-5mins.

Targets the Spleen-Stomach channels related to the Earth element

To release, reach out with one arm to the opposite side, let your torso roll onto the floor and let your whole body follow, so that you can release your legs and your spine on the mat.
If using a bolster and that does not feel comfortable to release that way, come back onto the elbows, then on your hands to push your body back up and fold back into child pose.

Shoelace – There are several options for coming into this pose. One is to begin kneeling on all fours and place one knee behind the other and sit back between the heels. A second is to begin sitting on heels and then slide onto buttock and bring the outside foot over toward the opposite hip. A third approach is to begin sitting cross-legged and move one foot under the opposite thigh and the other foot over toward the opposite hip. Try not to sit on feet but slide them as far forward as they can go. Anchor sits bones to the ground.

Changing the height of the pelvis will decrease the stimulation. If coming into the pose is too challenging, open your knee to the side (this will allow you to come into the lose shoelace much easier). If there is too much tension in the back, keep the back in upright position.

Hold for 3-5mins.

Targets mainly the Gall Bladder channel relating to the wood element and urinary-Bladder channels relating to the Water element.

To release, gently bring yourself up into a seated position, then lean back with elbows on the floor first, uncrossing your legs.

Swan – From all fours slide your right knee forward and parallel to the front of the mat as you slide your left leg back.

Option to recline forward for Sleeping Swan.

Hold for 3-5mins, then switch sides by moving through all fours.

Targets the gall bladder channel related to the wood element and the stomach-spleen related to the earth element.

To release, lean on the side opposite to your back leg and gently drag your back leg forward to lay back in Savasana/Pentacle.

Happy Baby – Bend your knees and hug them into your chest, hold onto either the big-toe or pinky-toe side of each foot with your hands.

If your feet are out of reach, clasp your ankles or hold onto the backs of your thighs. Open your knees wide and move them toward your armpits. Keep your knees deeply bent, flex your feet so that the soles of your feet face the sky, gently tug on them with your hands. Lengthen your entire spine, reach your sits bones toward the floor.

Hold for 3-5minutes.

Reclining Twists – Lay on your back with knees bent, let knees fall to one side. Cactus your arms and gaze opposite your knees. Use a block or bolster under your knees for extra support, then let gravity do the work for you, as you close your eyes and sink into the hold.

Hold for 3mins (or whenever you feel balanced), then switch sides.

Goddess – Stay in a reclined position with your knees bent. Release your knees to the sides and down to your mat. Bring the soles of your feet together. Place a bolster under length of your spine for support.

Hold for 3mins.

Pentacle / Savasana – Stretch both legs forward; lay down to rest in relaxation.

Keep your hands on your belly if you prefer. Send loving kindness into that region and envision a new life growing inside of you. You have made it to the final resting pose. Allow your body to occupy some space as you let your legs reach long and your arms fall to your sides. Melt your body into the floor. Check in with yourself and notice what has changed in your body after these series of Yin poses. This is your chance to integrate and digest everything that we have done. Surrender…

Hold for 3-5mins

Yoni Mudhra Meditation

Bring your thumbs together at the navel, and your index fingers to your pubic bone. Spread your fingers open with the palms of your hands on your low belly.

This mudra represents the loving power of feminine energy for compassion, forgiveness, and creative possibility.

Breathe for 5–8 Ujjayi breaths.

Bring your palms to meet at your heart, leave the base of your palms, your thumbs, and your pinky fingers pressed together as you fan the rest of your fingers out and away from each other, creating the shape of a lotus flower with your hands.

Visualize a glowing ball of green light filling this energetic seal with love.

Acknowledge the time you’ve spent honoring yourself during this practice. Breathe into this space of love and self-acceptance as you take a deep inhale with humility.

Exhale as you bow forward with deep gratitude.

Home Decor

Moments Frozen in Time

We recently made the move from townhouse to house, and with it upgraded our square footage (essentially translating to a whole lot of blank wall space)! My imagination quickly ran wild with ideas on how to turn said house into a home. And while new memories would soon be created here, I knew I needed a way to treasure the past (and in particular, this past year – our first year with our daughter, such a monumental time in our lives)!

Whether you are into showcasing a picture perfect gallery wall or simply displaying a single statement piece, dressing a print (or prints) can be overwhelming. Art can be a conversation starter in any size home, turning a boring wall into a creative presentation. And while capturing just the right prints to fit the vibe and style of our home was the easy part, choosing affordable frames sadly were not…until now!

I am thrilled to share a print framing service that is both easy and affordable! Since 2002, Frame it Easy has taken all the guesswork out of custom framing, printing your photos on premium photo paper with archival-grade inks – your print is the star of the show in your frame!

*This post was done in collaboration with Frame it Easy.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Be sure to jot down the coupon code further down the post, to save 10%!

Custom Frames Made Easy

Frame it Easy is so user friendly, the only drawback – you’ll wish you had more wall space! In only a few simple steps, you can design your very own customized frame(s): from size, to color, select a non-glare matte, and even chose to have Frame it Easy print your photo too. Your frames show up on your doorstep in a custom-made shipping box with everything you will need to hang and/or display your custom frames. 

Memories Preserved

I initially thought of going more the traditional portrait-style gallery wall route, but ultimately chose landscape-style when I soon realized my photos were being cropped in a non-flattering way. I immediately reached out to the customer support team at Frame it Easy, who were super attentive in showing me how to adjust my print to best be centered in the frame. The suggestions worked wonderfully, but in the end I really liked the landscape look. I also appreciate the self-sufficient support that the Frame it Easy website offers, regarding DPI guideline recommendations for printing your photos (which is especially helpful if your desired size is a bit on the larger side, to ensure quality isn’t compromised).

Thank you Frame it Easy for creating such a fun and stress-free environment to create a custom frame!

Coupon Code

Frame it Easy has generously offered my readers 10% off by using the code: TANYA 

Your gorgeous photos deserve to be showcased in a gorgeous light, which is why I hope you check out Frame it Easy when framing your next piece. Their frames are all the way 100% made in the USA, and each frame is hand-finished with quality craftsmanship. I highly recommend this company, and will be using them over and over. I’m happy to say they stand true to their name!

Lastly, I thought I would share some tips on how to hang perfectly level décor on your walls.

Wall Hanging Hack

I so wish that I had known about this lil life hack on hanging pictures a long time ago… it probably would have saved me from much frustration, time and unnecessary holes in my walls!

~ here’s the trick ~

  • Place a piece of painters tape across the back. Mark on the tape exactly where the nails or screws need to go.

  • Take your marked tape and place it on the wall where you want your pictures to hang. Use a level to make sure your tape is perfectly straight.

  • If you want to hang two frames next to each other, do the same thing for the second frame and make sure the strips of tape are level with one another.

  • Hammer your nails in on the dots you previously marked.

  • Remove your tape and hang your pictures.

  • Perfectly level …and on the first try!


Photographs taken by Bella Baby Photography, Daniela Sinuela Photography, and Photography By Kimberli

frames featured: 93 Satin Silver 18"x15" with 2" smooth white matting


Taking Charge of Fertility

Time to get real…

Four years of riding the infertility roller coaster was emotionally draining, IVF is no walk in the park and certainly not a quick route to having a baby. In full transparency, it was stressful, painful, time-consuming and worst of all: expensive – thanks in large part to our broken U.S. healthcare system. From a $20,000 miscarriage, to a failed egg retrieval (leaving us with no viable embryos). We hit rock bottom, but it was then that we made the promise that round three would be our last and final attempt at IVF. We invested ourselves metaphorically and literally, hoped on a plane to Colorado to visit the very best of the best fertility specialist there is and decided we would accept the outcome (whatever it would bring). And then, round after round (after round) it finally happened – we got our sticky embaby, I would go on to have an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby girl!

Do I regret undergoing multiple infertility treatments? Absolutely not! How could I? Thanks to the incredible team at CCRM, we have an amazing tiny human as a direct result of IVF, and for that I will be forever grateful to the miracle that is modern day medicine for giving us our daughter. But I also know that physically and mentally I’m simply not game to handle those highs and lows again. Which is why, when we decide to try for a second child, this time around I will be taking my fertility health into my own hands (without the assistance of In Vitro Fertilization).

Is our infertility really unexplained? 

Our diagnosis, unexplained infertility, is frustratingly common. Approximately 1 in 4 fertility challenged couples will be told there is no explanation for why they can't conceive. By definition, it is a diagnosis of elimination—if no medical cause for infertility is revealed from the testing of both partners, then the inability to get pregnant is deemed "unexplained". But unexplained infertility doesn't mean there are no options. Quite the opposite, there is a reason for hope!

Did you know that one of the biggest indicators of overall health is your fertility cycle?

By tracking your cycle, you can learn to tell the difference between what’s normal and what could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

      • Maybe you’re a little curious about what’s going on inside your body every month?
      • Maybe its time for you to take charge of your fertility?

Infertility can be caused a host of reasons (such as: ovulation issues, blocked fallopian tubes, congenital abnormalities, PCOS, uterine fibroids, or even age); unfortunately gaining a proper diagnosis can be costly. The good news is that science is available to change this paradigm. And on this note, I’m cautiously optimistic that I may not need to take a similar route again in order to conceive. For starters, having now carried a baby full-term, I know that my body is capable of creating and sustaining life; it may just need a little tuning in to some core hormonal issues. There are a variety of tools you can use to track your cycle. While mucus charting and taking basil body temperature changes are good methods, they haven’t exactly worked for me (and my inconsistent cycles) in the past.

Tracking your fertility

Luckily learning about my cycle has never been simpler, thanks to SmileReader More than just an ovulation predictor kit (a.k.a. LH test strips), SmileReader is an in-home fertility-tracking tool. Efficient and easy to use, it offers the ability to map everything out - capturing data trends, so you know your best chances for conception. This.Is.Incredible! Women can now gain more knowledge about their fertility cycles and possible imbalances, potentially cutting out the need for pricey doctor office visits and perhaps even IVF.

Just snap a photo of the ovulation test and let the SmileReader App take out the baby making guesswork. The best part... receiving a  smiling baby on the screen when its go time! Also included are pregnancy test strips, which means no more questioning those second line squinters - the App determines your HcG level (a.k.a. positive pregnancy).

3 elements that determine a healthy cycle, to keep in mind while using the SmileReader App

Ovulation if you are consistently experiencing very long or anovulatory cycles, it’s best to talk to your doctor and consider whether stress/exercise/diet are affecting your cycle. Surges in hormone levels don’t just ensure your fertility—they are also required for building and maintaining your bone, keeping your brain healthy for the long term, and keeping your skin, hair, and nails looking healthy and lustrous.

Luteal phase (lasting at least 10days between ovulation and your period) – under 10 days can make it difficult to get pregnant, since the uterine lining sheds before a fertilized egg is able to implant. Stress, age, being over- or underweight, and exercise can sometimes lead to a shortened luteal phase. Even if you’re not trying to conceive, the length of your luteal phase is still important, because it’s a good proxy for your progesterone levels. A short luteal phase is also a sign of low progesterone levels, which can have implications for bone health, among other things. Other signs of low progesterone include spotting during your luteal phase and low basal body temperatures during your luteal phase.

MenstruationHeavy bleeding can be the result of a many reasons including polyps, endometriosis, fibroids, and even copper-containing IUDs. Whatever the cause, heavy bleeding can cause iron deficiency. Ask your doctor for a complete blood panel to test for anemia, and treat with iron supplementation, if necessary.

Whatever your health journey may be (to conceive or to simply stay informed and educated), SmileReader is a must for being your very own best health advocate!


This post is sponsored by SmileReader. Additionally, a sample of the product was gifted in exchange for my honest review.
All opinions are genuine and my own.
Chicago, Motherhood

Capture the Memories

Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to make sure I’m not dreaming. Our daughter recently turned ONE, and yet becoming her Momma still feels so surreal at times. In large part I imagine because although parenthood was always part of “the plan,” over the years the Universe certainly had taken us on several detours to get here. Now that a year has passed, I still find myself reflecting back on this past year: the sleepless nights, my weakened nerves, but in all seriousness – also many of the happiest moments and most amazing days I couldn’t possibly have dreamt of… easily the best year of my life – the first year of Arran’s life! At the risk of sounding cliché, it really does seem as if it were yesterday I held her for the first time. Looking back at Arran’s newborn photos I am thankful to have such a momentous time in our lives documented so beautifully, which is why capturing another important milestone of memories we could forever cherish was so important to us!

To say we were thrilled with the turnout of our hospital newborn photo shoot is an understatement. I had labored for a day and a half, so the thought of being photographed ~48hrs after the arrival of our daughter wasn’t exactly something I was looking forward to. And yet, Bella Baby Photography somehow made me feel beautiful, along with having captured the early hours of excitement as first-time parents. So when the opportunity arose to yet again work with Bella Baby Photography for Arran’s one-year photo shoot, we jumped at the chance! We even chose to incorporate the same receiving blanket she had been swaddled in for some of her newborn photos into the present day pictures, a great reminder of how little she was at birth and how far we’ve come on this journey as parents.

Quality professional baby photography makes the mementos of such an important time in your lives, something you will want to savor in the years ahead.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend hiring Bella Baby not only for baby milestone professional pictures, but also your family photography needs!

Our photographer Kimberli and I had several exchanges leading up to the big day, which was scheduled ~3weeks after Arran’s official birthday. Everything was planned: from what time of day would be most ideal, to what Arran would wear, to where we would shoot… and then the Universe decided to take us on another detour. The day before Arran’s shoot, she came down with Coxsackie Virus (a.k.a. hand, foot, and mouth disease). I immediately phoned our photographer, who was both incredibly understanding and also (luckily for us) willing to reschedule. It was apparent that Kimberli was by no means new to the challenges that photographing kids can bring, being both a seasoned photographer and a Momma herself (of multiples, nonetheless). And even though I had not met Kimberli at this point, instinctually I knew I wanted to work with her – even if it meant waiting until her schedule opened up after a few more weeks… and my hunch was right, I am so happy we had the opportunity to work with Kimberli.

Photographing babies/kids is no easy task They rarely want to sit still, sometimes they’re cranky – at least as was the case with our daughter on the day of her shoot. But guess what? When you’re working with an experienced baby/kid photographer, such as Kimberli, its important they are considerate of the child’s temperament – knowing just the right times to change poses, swap in a parent, etc. to keep everyone happy.

Keep it real Not once did Kimberli “say cheese” to Arran and in doing so she was able to photograph our child in a very raw manner, such that it never felt forced or fake. She captured true authentic connections of our family, which ultimately allowed us to have fun and not be stressed. By creating a more relaxed environment, we were able to go with the flow as our daughter eventually opened up to a new face holding a somewhat intimidating piece of technology. Kids are perceptive, they sense when you’re overdoing it and aren’t acting like yourself… and they’ll respond in kind. I simply told myself to take a deep yogic breath and trust the process.

Let them be little Instead of trying to keep our daughter to a specific backdrop, Kimberli allowed her to explore: to touch the grass, crawl/walk around, or even hug Momma and Dada (if she got scared). In the moment I couldn't help but think: she’s not her usual smiley self, but as it turns out – the subject doesn’t have to be looking directly at the camera (or even facing the camera at all for that matter) for the image to tell a powerful story.

Thank you Bella Baby Photography and Kimberli Nelson for capturing two of the most important moments in our lives: our daughter's arrival and her 1st birthday!

Photographs taken on October 3rd, 2018 by Photography By Kimberli via Bella Baby Photography and on September 3rd, 2017 via Bella Baby Photography A one-year photo shoot was gifted in exchange for my honest review with Bella Baby Photography.

All opinions are genuine and my own. In addition to receiving high quality downloads of our pictures on a zip drive that we can share and print, we also received a slideshow to download as well.

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Strength for Motherhood

Having taught yoga classes for nearly a decade, exercised all throughout my pregnancy, I assumed I would jump right back into working out after giving birth (once I received the official go-ahead from my Midwife). But truth be told, I was cleared long before I actually started truly working out. The months following my daughter's arrival were in a constant state of flux, trying to fit in all the priorities: motherhood, work, and of course - taking care of me.

As a new mom I found myself more than ever in search of balance in body and mind, in order to move throughout my days more mindfully. Lets just say, sleep deprivation coupled with all those new duties of motherhood, finding the time for to take a yoga or fitness class was a challenge… not to mention the fact that I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of being apart from my newborn (especially in the early days). Oh, and then there was the issue of figuring out childcare in order for me to partake in a group or private class.

There was only one logical solution for me: incorporate my daughter into my workouts.

Enter FIT4MOM, the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, which offers fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, their fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.

As you may already be aware, there is no shortage of benefits in doing postnatal exercises, as your once pregnant body copes with getting back to normalcy. Ideally postnatal exercises help in the following ways:

  1. Enhance your mood by increasing the release of good chemicals. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride of hormonal shifts. Postnatal exercises help you regain your actual self and relieve stress.
  2. Improve stamina levels helping you take charge during motherhood, by replenishing a tired body with the vigor and vitality needed to raise your baby.
  3. Strengthen and tone your body by making it flexible, not to mention heal your former pregnant body of the aches and pains it has endured.
  4. Reduce the heavy postnatal depression with a healthy mind, with moderate-to-high intensity aerobic exercise reducing anxiety sensitivity. And you thought intervals were just a good way to burn calories!
  5. May also help in weight loss management, if incorporated along with a balanced diet (for this benefit, Fit4Mom offers a Body Back® 8-week high intensity workout program with a dietary component).
FIT4MOM helps you to make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life®

Finding the dedicated hour a day for a class or gym workout can be a struggle, and yet every new mom spends at least an hour a day interacting with her baby. What if you could use at least some of your time with baby as workout time (with baby in tow), so that you do not have to take any time away from baby? Stroller Strides® accomplishes just that, as a stroller-based fitness program designed for moms with little ones. Each 60-minute, total body workout consists of a variety of: power walking, strength, toning, songs and activities.

Spending even 45-60 minutes with your baby, while you work out, is beneficial to both parties as it helps solidify your bond. Baby is either in the stroller or on a mat staring back into your eyes while you endure the struggles of holding plank pose, or perhaps cooing when you kiss him/her as you perform a modified push-up. Either way, baby receives all the good vibes of you doing something positive for yourself, while you focus on your little at the same time.

Mom and Baby exercise time can also be used to develop muscular strength and motor skills for the little ones. Tummy time is an activity must for new babies in order to improve head and neck control. Baby can work on their tummy time on a blanket beside or in froth of you while you complete a series of core exercises and/or post workout stretches. And once baby’s head control is strong enough, you can even incorporate them into the abdominal exercises, helping him/her practice trunk control to help develop sitting balance.


Its not surprising that when you focus on fitness, you become healthier and in better physical condition. So when your children see you prioritizing fitness and are a part of your daily fitness routine, they also learn the importance of incorporating exercise into daily life. Exercise rarely happens in a vacuum, and that’s good news for all of us, so that we may inspire each other to push harder during a sweat session. So find your mini workout buddy and get moving!


All FIT4MOM locations offer free playgroups (a.k.a. Our Village... because all Mommas know, it takes a village to raise a child). Forming lasting friendships is a joint effort: through Our Village, my daughter participates in play-dates and special Our Village arts+music classes, while I have enjoyed monthly mommas' night out. Additionally, the Our Village Mom's Club holds quarterly Moms on a Mission events throughout the country. On a personal level, each club educates, empowers and supports mothers on important issues facing our children and our families.

For me, Stroller Strides® was just the vehicle I needed to:

❤ find lasting energy in a more sustainable way, rather than watching it go high and low.

❤ help me to stay grounded, so that I may better adapt to the ebbs and flows of motherhood.

❤ build the strength required for Motherhood while also honoring the need to rest and practice self-care.

But perhaps the greatest benefit in exercising alongside my daughter was the reminder 
that you simply cannot pour from an empty cup. 

By incorporating your little one(s) allows you to model what it is to take care of yourself 
(for your children).

Motherhood, Yoga

Sthira & Sukha: finding (Strength & Ease), through Baby & Me Yoga

Patanjali described the physical practice of yoga in Sanskrit as “Sthira Sukham Asanam.”
Loosely defined, we should strive to practice yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner.
     Sthira translates as strong, steady, and stable.
     Sukha means comfortable, happy, and relaxed.
     Asanam refers to the physical practice of yoga.

Baby and Me Yoga can lead to a happy Baby & a happy Momma!

photo credit: Carina Yepez

As a new mom you seek to find balance in how you take care of yourself along with caring for your new child, while discovering your powerful new identity as MOM. There are the strains your physical body has taken on - let's face it, its seen better days and is still healing. You may be adjusting to a new sleep(less) schedule and dealing with the demands of feeding and nurturing your baby. As the surge of hormones take over, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and lacking motivation to venture outside the house...especially when the weather isn't cooperating. And yet, making time for yourself and getting out is so crucial to your mental and physical well-being. Baby and Me Yoga classes are one of the best things a new mom can do to feel better overall!

Especially in those early postpartum months, it is so important that you find an exercise regimen gentle enough for your body, but also challenging. Avoid starting a high-impact workout now, if it isn't already in your repertoire. Whether you're new to yoga or were a committed student before having your child, Baby and Me Yoga is healthy, playful, bonding activity that will get you on a supportive postnatal wellness track.

As a Baby and Me Yoga Instructor, I can personally attest to the benefits that both Mom and Baby can experience in this phenomenal class!

Bond With Your Baby
Baby and Me Yoga focuses on both of you! We modify traditional yoga poses so that moms can practice yoga while holding and rocking their babies, resulting in stronger connections.

Strengthens And Increases Body Awareness
Carrying a baby around all day can put a strain on your back and neck. This class caters to the fluctuations that a new mom's recovering body has undertook, as you'll learn strengthening poses and stretches to help restore balance, improve posture and increase your waning energy levels.

Emotional Well-Being And Increased Brain Activity
Yoga reduces stress by helping ease new-parent jitters, as well as give Mothers the opportunity to nourish and care for their own bodies. Focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises increase brain activity to help your short-term memory get back on track... Bye-Bye Mommy Brain!

  • Can Aid in Digestion, Constipation and Relieve Gas and Colic for Baby

Babies are natural yogis, they develop through yoga poses, which can aid in their gross and fine motor skills. The poses and movements all done in this class are very intentional, with a goal of creating ease for Baby fussiness.

  • Better Sleep for Mom AND Baby

The breathing techniques and meditative state practiced in yoga can help Mom sleep better at night. It also helps to improve Baby sleeping patterns both in duration and frequency, as well as encourages baby sleeping through the night. The class offers just the right amount of stimulation Babies need to sleep for longer stretches of time.

Keeps Baby Happy Through Repetitive, Soothing Motions
Most babies enjoy movement, which makes this class different from a traditional yoga class in that we spend the majority of the class in constant motion without holding one pose for too long. We also incorporate music, singing and gentle yoga stretches for baby. Healthy habits learned early in life become healthy habits later in life.

  • A Safe, Supportive, and Social Environment

The class initiates social interaction in a non-competitive environment for both babies and new parents, offering a great way to meet other new Moms. Know that it is natural for your baby to cry, so changing a diaper or feeding your baby anytime during class to make them comfortable is the priority number one.

Come to class with a open heart and get ready to calm your mind, relax your body and have fun with your baby!

photo credit: Carina Yepez

If you're in the Chicago area, please join me for a special Mommy & Me yoga class Sunday May 20th @ 9am CST, hosted by Athleta (Oak Street)

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Exploring Chicago: with babies & kids

Last month, I had the honor of speaking on the Chicago Moms Panel alongside some pretty talented Mommas at the Best of Bump Club Chicago event.

If you weren't able to attend, not to worry... I've got you covered! Please read on to discover all the FUN baby/kid-friendly activities Chicago has to offer all-year-long!

FREE (or Super Cheap) Activities to Do with Babies & Kids in Chicago


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activities to do with kids

At Best of Bump Club we hosted one of our favorite mom panels about navigating the city of Chicago with little ones. We loved what was shared so much that we wanted to put some of our favorite tips on the blog. First up, Tanya Findlay, yoga teacher and mommy blogger over at Momma Prana, shares her list of fun and free activities across the city:

Indoor activities:

Chicago Public Libraries (75 branches) gives FREE use of computers & books and movies to check out

Harold Washington offers FREE programs for kids daily

While there, pick-up a FREE general admission museum pass for families (good for Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, Museum of Science & Industry, Shedd Aquarium, and the Art Institute)

Chicago Museums are required to offer 52 FREE days yearly – check out each website for more info

Art Institute offers FREE kids activities year-round

Bank of America & Merrill Lynch card holders receive FREE admission to many Museums (1st weekend of every month)!

Chicago Children’s Museum offers FREE admission (every Thursday from 5pm-8pm & every 1st Sunday of the month)

Museum of Contemporary Art offers FREE family days (2nd Saturday of every month)

Nature Museum offers donation-based admission (Thursdays) – for Illinois residents

Whole Foods FREE music concerts – the following locations offer FREE 30min concerts (all @ 10am)

West Loop = Tuesdays

Lincoln Park = Wednesdays

Lakeview = Thursdays

Chicago Architecture Foundation offers FREE Read & Build workshops for ages 3-6 (1st Wednesday & Sunday every month from 9-12pm)

Conservatories: Garfield Park, Lincoln Park, Oak Park – all offer kids events @ different times yearly

Lego Store (@ Water Tower) offers FREE monthly build workshops (on Tuesdays)

Home Depot offers FREE hands-on Kid’s workshops once or twice a month (9am-12pm for ages 5-12)

Pottery Barn Kids offers FREE Story Time on select days – check the website for more details

Chicago Fire Department offers walk-in tours FREE, no appointment needed


Take it outside 

Explore Chicago beaches – each has different activities and amenities like parks, concessions, etc.

Neighborhood Parks offer FREE events for kids/families, including Movies

Maggie Daley Park & Millennium Park (Crown Fountain, the Bean, Lurie Garden, Pritzker concerts)

If too crowded, check out the “hidden park” in nearby LakeShore East – has a small play area

Festivals have Kid tents/activities (& most Suburban fests have carnival rides too)

Lincoln Park Zoo offers FREE admission (daily, year-round)

Northerly Island – hike or bike around the trails, safer biking for small children than the lakefront

Water Taxis – not FREE, but very cheap!

Riverwalk – walk or bike along, sit and watch the boats go by or the bridges go up!

Metra rides – weekend pass $8/adult, kids ride FREE – unlimited rides (Saturday & Sunday in Summer)

Ravinia offers low cost kids performances in (June & August)

Arlington Park offers Family day on Sundays with kids activities – including a petting zoo

Botanic Garden offers Trolley from the Metra (Sundays, during Summer)

CPL Museum pass holders park FREE (usually $25/car)

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Flip the Script: weathering the storm


the storm that is infertility

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) may have ended, but for those who struggle with this illness its an all day, every day battle. My hope in joining the thousands who also vocalized their story was to decrease the stigma behind the “I” word … infertility. It's time to Flip the Script! There is a significant gap in the conversations that take place about this disease, and yet we know that 1 in 8 couples will struggle with either infertility or secondary infertility at some point in their lives. We still see significant barriers that stand in the way to get care. The costs are excruciating and yet only 15 states require insurance companies to cover it. For those that don’t cover it? We are talking at least $20,000 for a single IVF cycle. The affects of infertility? Marriage, Friendships even Family relations are all too often causalities of infertility.

waiting for the storm to pass

Even after giving birth to my daughter I am still immensely affected by infertility. We may have "beat infertility" once but the odds of giving our child a biological sibling are not great. And if I’m being honest, a small part of me still feels a bit jealous (even if just for a moment) upon hearing of an accidental pregnancy. Of course I’m happy for anyone who chooses to grow their family, but I’m human too! I have never known what its like to become pregnant without trying let alone without medical assistance.

a rainbow after the storm

Trying to conceive a child was hands-down the most difficult process my husband & I have ever gone through…emotionally, physically, and financially. Not all marriages grow stronger through infertility, but it can and it did for us. The road to parenthood was so long and winding that many times I thought it may never end. And yet as I sit here, I know that we're one of the lucky few. That even after undergoing multiple rounds of IVF, countless visits to multiple doctors, acupuncturists, an insane amount of needles, patches and pills I was able to finally conceive and give birth to our daughter Arran. And now, after finally having our little IVF miracle, comes the opportunity to shine a light on such a powerful but often overlooked topic. Now it’s my turn to champion for my fellow warriors in the wait and enable them to find their light!

facing the storm (and defying it)

Sadly there are far too many women and men who are still in the throws of infertility, some whose journey has been even longer and more arduous than my own. Infertility is never far from my mind, which is why I am so passionate about speaking out, offering support and resources and seeking to improve the lives of others. I’ve been told that the years of struggle will seem like a distant memory – that I might even forget the heartache endured during those four years. I almost wish that were true, but I honestly will never forget what it took to get here. I doubt there will ever be a time when I can no longer recall the feelings of isolation, guilt, shame and anger experienced. And at the same time, I choose to never stay silent about this heart-wrenching illness, for once I personally made the decision to no longer struggle in silence and Flip the Script on infertility, I was ambushed with encouragement and support from people I had never even met, a tribe of infertility sisters who were going through similar pains and who were so gracious and willing to share information, tips, or just offer hope in a time of despair. This sense of connection was deep!

eye of the storm

IVF may have helped us overcome infertility, but infertility will always be part of my story. We are so thankful for the advancement of modern medicine, but also for the organizations and individuals that are dedicated to offering infertility assistance when and where needed!

If you are struggling with infertility, please consider connecting with a community (such as Resolve) who understands what you are going through...and is one of the best things you can do for yourself during this time!

Everything that has been shared during NIAW creates a ripple effect of change - that's why this matters so much! Every year we highlight infertility awareness we move the needle in the right direction, in the hopes that anyone challenged in their family building has the support they deserve and the access to all options!

Other ways you can take action:

♥ Register for the Walk of Hope &/or help support me in making a difference in my hometown, 
during the Chicagoland Walk of Hope by making a donation through my fundraising page

♥ Volunteer with an organization whose goal is to try and improve the lives of others.

♥ Donate to fund family-building support programs. Your gift will ensure that as long as there are 
women and men suffering from infertility, RESOLVE will provide needed support, education, and 
advocacy programs in local communities.

♥ Connect with legislators and join #AdvocacyDay by making your voice heard as the family 
building community in your state comes together to talk to lawmakers about issues important 
to our community.

♥ and last, but not least, show some love to the 1 in 8 who suffer from infertility by listening to 
those around you who may need a friend during their time of struggle!

To my warriors, first and foremost always remember to guard your heart! This journey is far too hard to not put yourself and your own well being first!

~ Tanya

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Gratitude: my journey through Infertility

Stories of Gratitude: My Journey Through Infertility


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When my husband I decided to start a family 4 ½ years ago we initially approached our “let’s make a baby” plan in the most relaxed way possible: didn’t obsess over it, didn’t use ovulation-testing kits or chart my temperature.  We planned to be patient and felt it was in the Universe’s hands (it would happen when it happened). Well…that relaxed attitude was maintained for over a year and half…only, nothing happened. And if I am being honest, I didn’t feel grateful for much during that time. I shed a lot of tears, especially as it felt as though so many of those surrounding us became pregnant quickly and easily.  I was happy for them, but sad for us.

As months went on, we realized it was time to be more proactive. We sought out a local fertility clinic in search of answers and hope, but our diagnosis (“unexplained fertility”) left us feeling frustrated. Treatment after treatment (3 rounds of IUI and 2 IVF egg retrievals, to be exact) we were finally pregnant, only to miscarry 7 weeks later. The failure to get (or stay) pregnant only triggered irrational guilt within. After all, society’s message heard loud and clear is that we (women) are built to build humans and (for reasons unknown) I could not do that. It was then that we decided to take charge and be our own best health advocates! Knowing the second opinion we needed would be from the very best clinic there is, we headed to Colorado. After many more months of testing, we had hope in our hearts once again! We also now had an understanding of why our journey to parenthood would have always required medical intervention (turns out it wasn’t entirely unexplained). A 3rd IVF egg retrieval and embryo transfer later, we could finally share the good news that was several years in the making…we were pregnant!!!

Looking back, I honestly am grateful for this horrendously hard and yet beautiful journey of infertility. As I held our daughter Arran for the first time, not only did I inhale motherhood in all its glory, but also the exhilarating rush of a broken heart as it pieced its way back together. Being a Mom certainly is my greatest joy, but I feel very lucky that I got to know myself really well first. I have come to better know my own body and the super challenging – yet amazing things it can do (like withstand the hundreds of injections and blood draws over the course of several years of fertility treatments). I am also grateful to have a husband, a partner, who loves me enough to fight alongside me. There are no words for how amazingly supportive he was through it all, I was so consumed by my own sadness at times that it was often hard for me to stop and think about how hard it was for him too. After all, he wanted to be a dad just as much as I wanted to be a mom. But there he was, an optimistic, supportive rock through it all. He made it clear to me time and time again that we would figure this out. His love for me was not dependent on my fertility issues.

I am also grateful to those directly responsible for making me a Mother today, Doctor Schoolcraft and the Embryology team at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine! We had an entire team of people (both local and remote) giving their time, energy and talents not only to help make parenthood a reality for us, but also to be our biggest cheerleaders every step of the way. I am still so in awe of the miracle that is IVF, and thankful to be born in a time where science and technology offer hope to women like me have struggled to conceive! I’m grateful for the little picture that now hangs in my daughter’s nursery of her as a 6-day old embryo on transfer day. Who else can show their kids their first picture, when they were literally 6 days old in the womb? Along the way, I found that in sharing our infertility journey, I was able to be a voice for others who had not yet found their own. I am grateful to the incredible women with whom I’m fortunate enough to share this special bond, my fellow warrior tribe! IVF isn’t for the faint of heart, but because we went through it and survived it, we’re better for it. We have walked through hell and back…and still I would do it all over again! To have the opportunity to long for, fight for and love a child years before she was ever born, it’s the testament of our love for her, and for that I am forever grateful!