The most powerful human drive is that of CONNECTION.ย It is the very definition of Yoga (to yoke/to unite) and is apparent from the moment of birth (when baby and mother encounter that first touch), to the experiences on one’s yoga mat (feeling as though the Instructor personally themed the class just for you)!

Hi! I’m Tanya, a Yogi turned new Momma! My journey to Motherhood was filled with years of struggle, loss and multiple rounds of medical intervention (incl: 3 rounds of IUI and 3 rounds of IVF). For a long time, all my husband & I could do was trust that the Universe was conspiring to help us achieve what we desperately wanted for so long… to become parents! It was in this long wait that the need for connection grew. Through the sharing of war stories with my fellow infertility sisters, I was able to heal. My hope in being transparent about our struggle is to in turn offer that same support to those in need.

Momma Prana* was born out of a desire for connection: coupling my role as Yoga Instructor with that of my newest role as Momma to a daughter, Arran. The way I see it, my job is to distill yoga’s age-old wisdom into lessonsย learned – taken off the mat and applied to everyday life… and more recently, Mom Life! After all, yoga is primarily about mindfulness (it’s a 24 hour a day activity, not just 60 minutes on your mat)!

*Prana is the Sanskrit work for life force

Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with infertility, IVF and motherhood all through the lense of Yoga!