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Spring is here. And lucky for us, flowers didn’t get the coronavirus memo

Spring finally feels as though it’s ready to stick around (despite a few random snow and bitter cold days a week ago). We have been getting outdoors as much as humanly possible, which of course since we’re now homebound with no return to school this year, will be A LOT! Suffice it to say we have ample time to conquer all the nature and flower art projects this Momma could ever possibly dream of! And let’s be honest, the warm weather sure does make Staying Home a whole lot easier when you can expand the home quarters to your own backyard!

It’s hard to walk by and not admire the beauty that is starting to bloom all around. The eruption of life we call spring is not just a natural phenomenon, but a call to people to leave their winter caves and come together to celebrate the floral renaissance. And though we have just been ordered back into our caves for (at least) another month, the days are lengthening and the air is warmer, Mother Nature doesn’t care about a pandemic… and thank goodness for that!

I encourage you to connect with nature, it does wonders for the soul... I promise!

But now... what to do with all of those flowers you can’t help but pluck?

Here's what you'll need to make one of your own floral suncatcher!

(Scissors, ribbon, contact paper, embroidery hoop, twine, a handful of flowers: dried and fresh)


To make...

Cut contact paper to size.

  1. Peel the backing off, lay down on work surface with sticky side up, place inside part of embroidery hoop on top.
  2. Press flowers onto the contact paper, with front sides down.
  3. Cut another piece of contact paper and place on top, sandwiching the flowers.
  4. Press contact paper firmly together, smoothing out as you go.  Push tightly against the hoop and around the outside edges as well.

Add the outer part of the hoop to front of your inside hoop and tighten screw.

Trim contact paper edges.  Add a loop of twine to use for hanging.  Tie ribbon around the screw for decoration.

And there you have it...a beautiful way to keep some of those colorful flowers.

Stay beautiful friends!


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  1. How pretty! I love doing fun Spring crafts.

  2. What an awesome idea! That is so pretty. I love nature crafts and we have these supplies.

  3. Really fun ideas. I actually really like this. My daughter and I will have fun creating our own.

  4. This is nice and looks easy enough to do. Thank you for sharing

  5. Spring always brings positive feelings! Beautiful suncatcher! congrats!

  6. These are beautiful! The kids are going to love making this. Thanks for the clear step by step instructions.

  7. Erin says:

    Love this idea so much!


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