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"As an instructor, Tanya easily blends her leadership experience with her ability to creatively express. This allows students to know that they will be guided through a mindful class at the same time one that is filled with grace and ease."

"While attending CPY, I always tried to make Tanya's Hot Power Fusion class, she is an excellent yoga instructor. Her classes are top notch and they are truly a tremendous experience. She is unafraid to challenge her students and that allows us as students to reap the most benefits of her class. I highly recommend her!"


Offering customizable private yoga lessons, in the comfort of your home, private studio, or location of your choice, tailoring private sessions to meet your fitness and health goals. When you book a private session with me you get the unique personal attention of a seasoned yoga instructor who will give you the expert fitness support and encouragement you need.

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Let me help you connect mind and body for better health, happiness, and well- being! Are you ready to commit to your fitness goals and see real results?

Aqua Kriya Yoga

Yoga in the water is a new and exciting modality for a yoga practice. Many students may find yoga on a mat somewhat limiting or frustrating, and may have difficulty getting into certain poses.

Yoga in the pool is an amazing place to experience the many benefits of yoga. The feeling of weightlessness in the water takes the stress out of challenged joints and stabilizes them to free muscular tightness or discomfort.

Experienced yoga students are finding that they can take their practice to a whole new level by practicing familiar or new poses on a deeper level. In addition, they are finding a new element for their restorative practice to unwind and relax.

Baby & Me Yoga

Best suited for babies 6 weeks to pre-walkers.

A fun class that cultivates confidence and tone muscle while bonding, singing and playing with babies and other Moms! Moms will explore movement while regaining strength and alleviating neck, shoulder, and back pain. Baby yoga exercises and infant massage will focus on strengthening growing muscles, to aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns, and help your infant towards their next stage of development.

Prior yoga experience is not needed to join this class. New moms should receive permission from their care provider to begin this or any exercise postpartum.

What to Bring: yoga mat or receiving blanket; some toys; socks are required for adults.

               Power Vinyasa

Turn stress into sweat. The CorePower Yoga signature C1 and C2 classes strengthen, balance and detoxify your entire body and mind as you move through yoga postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before.

Temperature: Hot (98° with added humidity) = C2 class; Minimal heat (85° with no added humidity) = C1 class

What to Bring: yoga mat, hand towel, water and wear fitted workout clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture.

Stretch & Restore

Just starting out in yoga, recovering from an injury, or interested in using yoga to help with the aches and pains of the body? Deep Stretch class is for you! This class emphasizes floor postures to stretch, open and release the entire body.

Temperature: Room Temp/Warm (80-85°)

What to Bring: yoga mat, hand towel, water

Guided Meditation

A physically and mentally restorative experience with gentle movement and meditation. Dissolves accumulated stress and initiates a relaxation response. Body Benefits: increased productivity, mental clarity, perspective.

Temperature: Room Temp/Warm (80-85°)

What to Bring: yoga mat