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*AD – the item in this review was gifted to my household for this post. All opinions are, as always, my own.

For quite some time now, I've admired The Book of Everyone's incredibly unique maps, but I couldn't quite decide which location I would map out and have printed for display. And then Covid happened... and everything started getting cancelled, from school to extracurricular activities, and of course travel (including a trip to Scotland - my husband and daughter are dual citizens).

In addition to spending time with family this past Summer 2020, we were booked to take our daughter to the Isle of Arran, a place that holds very sentimental value to us, as it was the one and only place I would meet my late mother-in-law and as a result inspired us to name our daughter after this location. 

While we have not been able to take Arran to her Isle namesake yet, I love that we are able to showcase its beauty to our sweet girl through print as a keepsake reminder that we will return someday (hopefully soon)!


If you are looking for a great way to add your story and personality to your space without sacrificing style, this review will help you decide if The Book of Everyone is worth it to you!

What is The Book of Everyone? 

The Book of Everyone is a personalization company specializing in books, cards, maps and videos - allowing you to create your own customized gifts, making it the perfect gift for any occasion!

The Book of Everyone – custom maps:

With The Book of Everyone, you can create a custom map of your hometown, where you met your spouse, or even your kid’s places of birth - all within a few minutes with only a few clicks!

Currently The Book of Everyone offers two different custom map options:

The Map of Everyone
The Map of Everyone - Romantic edition

The Map of Everyone

Behind every old airline ticket, empty wine bottle and Instagram location tag there’s a place filled with memories. The Map of Everyone celebrates the places that mean the most to you with a beautiful personalized map of where it happened, making it a beautifully unique gift for birthdays, holidays or just because!

With The Map of Everyone’s technology, all you have to do is type in a place, country, city, or state, and instantly a map is generated for you to zoom out, zoom in, and reposition it as much as possible to accurately depict your special place.

The Map of Everyone - Romantic edition

Where you met, tied the knot or that one place that’s special to your both. Turn your romantic memories into a thoughtful and lasting memory in the form of a personalized map.

Simply input the place, date, and time of your special memory and The Book of Everyone will generate a beautiful map of your love story!

Sizes & Prices:

Available in three sizes, ten distinct styles, framed or unframed, personalized with a marker, dedication and even a photo option!

  • 12” x 16” – $55 unframed
  • 18” x 24” – $65 unframed
  • 24” x 32” – $75 unframed
    • *Prices as of 4/1/2021

The Process:

After selecting the type of Map you want to create and inputting your information (along with zoomed in/out views), the process to finish customizing and finishing your order is so simple and quick!

There are 5 steps

  1. Input the Location info needed to create your map because The Book of Everyone is a UK-based company originally, I loved that finding Global locations, such as the Isle of Arran in Scotland, was easy to find! You can also choose a Marker or multiple (there are 6 options: a traditional pin, heart, star, baby icon, party and ring) to denote those memorable spots!  
  2. Choose a Style. There are 10 styles to choose from to create a look all your own!
  3. Customize all the Text (or Dedication) on your map. So for example, instead of your map displaying your hometown’s name, you can have it say “home sweet home”. The text Title, Subtitle and Message on every map are 100% customizable to say whatever you want.
  4. Add a Photo This feature is truly what sets the Map of Everyone apart from its competitors, creating a much more personalized map by including your memories!
  5. Choose your Size (medium, large or x-large) and  Frame (White, Black, Natural) or NO Frame.   

My Review:

What I Ordered

  • The Map of Everyone - the Isle of Arran
  • Style: Classic
  • Enabled Place names (this is optional)
  • Added Scotland, UK to the Subtitle
  • Kept the latitude & longitude coordinates as the underlying message
  • Marker: Heart, which is the location on the map where the Image I attached was taken
  • Size: 18”x24”
  • Frame: Natural

The Process and Ease of Ordering

The process of customizing my map and getting things just the way I wanted them was super simple! The Map of Everyone really excels in customization, looks, ease of use, and detail!

Again, I absolutely LOVE the idea of including an image beneath the text. I added a photo of our 2012 visit to Arran as a special memory of my late mother-in-law for my husband. I just love the personal touch that the Map of Everyone has.

I was also impressed with the amount of detail that could be achieved when zooming in or out. I was able to position the Island perfectly within frame and zoom in enough that you could still see enough towns, without it looking overcrowded or busy.

The Quality

The Map of Everyone uses printers committed to sustainability – yay for the environment!

All the details were easily seen and there weren’t any faded spots or pixelated lines, which I was really pleased with. Another bonus, my map arrived VERY quick (within 4-7 days from ordering)!

Is It Worth it?

Overall, I love my map and would definitely order more!

The Map of Everyone offers a great way to upgrade the style and look of your home, while also telling a story and letting your space reflect who you are. The prices may seem a bit high for just a map in general, but the fact that it is SO customizable and looks so good (especially when framed) makes me feel like at least having one good The Map of Everyone in every home is more than worth it!

Again, I just love the idea of not compromising style for sentiment. The Map of Everyone helped me create a cohesive and stylish map - the way I wanted… So yes, The Map of Everyone is totally worth it! 

Coupon Time (a.k.a. Discount code):

The Book of Everyone currently has a give 20% get 20% discount (when you share 20% off with your friends, as a way to say thanks they'll give you 20% off). NOTE: This discount is good for ALL their product offerings, not just the Maps!

OR use code 15TANYA for 15% off your first order.


There is no shortage of Map/Poster alternatives, but I would still choose The Map of Everyone over the others in a heartbeat. The Map of Everyone is incredibly ease to use and has so many style options (including my favorite: the option of adding a photo – which I have yet to see other companies offering)!

I absolutely love how my map turned out and definitely think The Map of Everyone is worth checking out to customize to your style and liking, while still telling your story!



  1. Monica Simpson says:

    What a special and thoughtful gift idea!

  2. Gervin Khan says:

    That is definitely a good discount, and it sounds like a beautiful gift to give to my husband for our anniversary.

  3. This is an awesome keepsake or gift idea. I love that it’s a creative way to preserve memories.

    Maureen |

  4. Danielle F says:

    Woah! This is so cool. When my sister in law and her husband move to my town next month I want to order them one of these!

  5. What a neat idea! This is so unique and would make for an awesome gift.

  6. This is such an amazing gift! She’ll always love it.

  7. This is such a neat concept. I would to get a print for our house! I love that you can get any location.

  8. This can be a very nice gift for couples or family. Personalized gifts are always a thing for me.

  9. Sarah says:

    What a fun customizable gift.

  10. I like this idea! It’s a great way to add an accent to a room and preserve a lot of happy travel memories.


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