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Yoga on the rise

photographyby Alina Tsvor, courtesy of YogaSix

photography by Alina Tsvor, courtesy of YogaSix

Yoga, a thousand years old, has rapidly gained popularity amongst Americans as of recently, thanks in large part to emerging trends that are exposing a new generation to this ancient practice. If you are unfamiliar with some of the more unique styles, have yourself a look into: Beer Yoga or Goat Yoga…and yes, both of which are real opportunities where you can get your OM on! Though Ashtanga, Power, Hot, Aerial and even Laughter Yoga all continue to rank as more popular formats than ever before.

In January 2019, a study conducted by OnePoll for Eventbrite surveyed a sample of 2,000 U.S. adults and revealed the motivations behind why people chose to practice. Some reasons were expected, while others may come as surprise:

• Release tension (54%)

• Get stronger physically and mentally (52%)

• Feel happier (43%)

• Get more “me” time (27%)

• Feel less lonely (21%)

• Unplug from tech (20%)

Yoga’s growing popularity in the U.S. is so much more than a passing trend, but quite possibly a response to the lack of connectedness between mind and body in which our current society lives.

Yoga, the perfect compliment to Chiropractic care

In its most basic sense, Chiropractic care is pain-treatment: a medication-free non-invasive way to manage the body. But Chiropractic is also about bringing the spine back into alignment, helping to balance the body and help deal with the changes of an aging body (in addition to treating injuries). Yoga, and more so in our Western World today, is largely seen as a form of fitness; offering a similar therapeutic practice to Chiropractic, with a focus on inward healing for outward results of overall health. As more Americans are turning to Yoga (both as a physical and spiritual activity), they may discover Chiropractic care has newfound benefits as well. On the one hand, it may help beginners who are more prone to injuries, such as muscle strains resulting from Yoga’s sometimes difficult and strenuous stretches (often found in the more popular: Ashtanga, Power and Hot styles of Yoga). On the other, Yoga and Chiropractic can work in harmony to increase proper posture, range of motion and flexibility: all crucial elements to both practices. In all likelihood, combining Yoga with Chiropractic care may even increase the effectiveness of treatment, while strengthening the body and making it better able to respond.

The Mind/Body connection

Regardless of modality, Yoga or Chiropractic, both are rooted in healing, aiming to re-link the mind and body. As a practice, Yoga is based on a philosophy of a wholeness and connection with yourself, others around you, as well as nature and the universe, and becoming aware of this union. Along with breathing and meditation, physical Yoga promotes balance, strength and flexibility – ultimately making you stronger, more grounded and less prone to pain and tension in your body. Yoga tunes the nervous, muscle and skeletal systems; in Chiropractic you’re doing the very same. By attending Yoga classes in conjunction with receiving Chiropractic care, it stands to reason that patients would have a greater potential to heal faster, in addition to learning how to keep themselves healthy and strong (even long after their Chiropractic care plan ends).

We would love to hear your experience! Have you recently incorporated Yoga into your lifestyle as a compliment to receiving Chiropractic care? If so, have you noticed any differences in how your body accepts the benefits of Chiropractic (perhaps responding faster and more fully to care) as opposed to when Yoga was not part of your regimen?

about the author

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 7.04.48 PMTanya, the Mom behind MommaPrana.com is a Chicago-based Blogger and Yoga Instructor. Momma Prana* was born out of a desire for connection, sharing stories of inspiration on her journey of Motherhood after years of infertility. She aims to take Yoga’s learning on the mat to her life off the mat, in order to heal mind and body in all stages of life.

*Prana is the Sanskrit word for life force


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